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Platinum:  Black
Platinum:  Mocca
Platinum:  Rosewood
The Evidence is Dynaudio's finest loudspeaker series.  The distinguished Evidence models are the culmination of years of extensive knowledge, in-depth research and development, and the most sophisticated loudspeaker technology.  Many innovative technologies, such as DDC, made their debut in the Evidence range.  The Evidence was conceived to bring one closest to the music.  For true, uncompromised music reproduction, the Dynaudio Evidence range represents the absolute state-of-the-art.  The new Evidence Platinum again sets another milestone.

Pure Beauty. Timeless elegance in a tall, yet alluringly slim, cabinet. A quietly swooping satin-black front.

Evidence Platinum manages to be discreet and bold at the same time.


Additional colors / finishes 
available.  Please inquire.


C4 Platinum: Mocca
C2 Platinum:  Mocca

All the breath there is.

All the detail there is.

All the timing there is.

All the beauty there is.

All the power there is.

All the purity there is.

All the Confidence

                       there is.


Confidence Platinum,

the best Confidence ever.



C1 Platinum:  Mocca
The Confidence series has been one of the most successful and most acclaimed high-end loudspeaker tanges in the world for nearly two decades.  Even the very first Confidence generation of the 1990's established a benchmark in authentic reproduction of music.
This latest Confidence Platinum series features Dynaudio's innovative DDC technology, the legendary Esotar2 tweeter with Precision Coating, select crossover components, and expertly build and elegantly finished cabinets, making it the finest sounding and most distinguished Confidence range yet.
Additional colors / finishes 
available.  Please inquire.

Focus XD


This is not just a loudspeaker.  

This is redefining

high-end audio systems

for the 21st century.

Totally digital.

Totally active.

Totally high-res.


This is Focus XD.




600 XD:  Satin White
400 XD:  Satin White
200 XD:  Satin White
The Focus XD is the perfectly thought-out solution for truly high-end music playback, because this Dynaudio is digital, active and high-resolution. This is the beginning of an entirely new generation of high-end audio.  Each Focus XD drive is individually powered by a perfectly matched performance optimized digital amplifier incorporating the highest possible performance reserves.  Digital volume control and precise DSP fine-tuning are included.  The entire signal path is capable of 24 bit/192kHz resolution, thus high-res music files and premium players lose none of their sound quality or performance potential.
Additional colors / finishes 
available.  Please inquire.


The next revolution

is, the wireless revolution.


This is XEO.




XEO 6:  Satin Black
XEO 4:  Satin White
XEO 2:  Satin White
XEO minimizes your system to the essentials:  the audio source and the speaker.  This is the world's first high-end wireless speaker system, making an amplifier and speaker cables redundant.  It combines wireless music playback with the legendary Dynaudio sound quality.  
XEO can be used with any device that plays music.  Because the compact XEO 2 & 4 and the floor-standing XEO 6 feature the reowned Dynaudio drivers mated to sophisticated integrated digital amplifiers, wireless audio transmission and advanced digial sound processing.  Audio critics everywhere have been in awe of what Dynaudio has achieved with the XEO loudspeakers.
Additional colors / finishes 
available.  Please inquire.


Connect:  Satin Black
front and back view shown
XEO Remote Control
The Connect is based on the Dynaudio Hub, sharing its form factor and offering the same analgue and digital audio inputs including a USB input for computers, while adding Wi-Fi integration for the home network, Bluetooth connectivity for streaming from mobile devices such as smartphones, and 24/192 compatibility on the optical and coaxial digital audio inputs.
When used together with the Focus XD, the Connect also is capable of lossless high-res streaming from the Connect to the speakers - with a full 24 bit depth and up to 96 kHz sample rate high resolution audio transmission.

Connectivity and



The Dynaudio Connect

series offers a new level of wireless connectivity and convenience.  Now you can send a lossless digital signal and connect your Xeo and Focus XD loudspeakers wirelessly.